Aboriginal village

Stouffville, Ontario. Aboriginal village.

Stouffville, Ontario. Aboriginal village. Approximately 43°57’48.12″N 79°14’12.41″W, facing East, circa September 28, 2005

On a major archeological site, the Mantle Site—named after its last farm family occupants—hundreds of flags and drinking straws mark post moulds, hearths and other obvious remains of more than 60 longhouses representing several village incarnations that must have been home to thousands of aboriginal inhabitants over the millennia prior to the Mantles. Today, this is merely another subdivision.

“The provincial archeological conservation legislative mandate has been one of unqualified success at destroying these valuable heritage legacies through excavation, and an unqualified disaster at protecting them.”

—Ron Williamson

Mantle Site lead archeologist and Ipperwash Inquiry consultant,
Ipperwash Inquiry, Toronto, panel December 9, 2005

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