Hope Thompson — a Video Portrait



This is an excerpt of a Video Portrait about Hope Thompson, recorded about year before she died.

Hope Sibbald Thompson (1921-2012) was the great-great grand-daughter of early Ontario pioneer Susan Mein Sibbald of Eildon Hall, Sibbald Point. Hope was an alumnus of Sutton Public, Sutton High, Havergal College and the Ontario Teachers College. Amongst her proud accomplishments, foremost of which was being a teacher at Sutton Public School, was her opportunity to be one of the original founders of what has become the Georgina Association for Community Living. Hope was similarly proud to have received the “Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Lifetime Achievement,” for her heritage advocacy on behalf of St. George’s Church, Sibbald Point and for Eildon Hall (Sibbald Memorial Museum) in Sibbald Point Provincial Park.