Shout-out to Dewayne “Soulman” Morris


Yes Sir, yes Mam, don’t let his laid back southern drawl  fool you. My friend Dewayne Morris, rodeo barrelman “Soulman”, extreme bullfighter, producer and ex-US soldier, is the salt of the earth. Fuelled by a breakfast of Froot Loops and Dr. Peppers, Dewayne is one of the fastest mammals on two feet and just the sort of person who’d put his life on the line to save yours without a moment’s thought. In fact, whether it is cowboy protection (I’ve watched him do it, repeatedly) or a stranger in the street, he can’t help himself but to do so; I’d trust him with mine.

On Wednesday evenings, Dewayne hosts the Soulman Hour, pod-cast radio on the Makin8 Rodeo Network where he’s as apt to interview head-smashed-in cowboys as he is his own mother:

Right now Dewayne is competing in a pilot for a new reality TV show, America’s Real Cowboy, in the still snowy mountains of Colorado where he has just won the first round. Good luck Soulman.

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